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Admission on Transfer

Admission on Transfer

If a student has been admitted to a College, he/she/transgender shall not, except as otherwise provided in the Ordinances be subsequently admitted to any other College without the production of a Transfer Certificate from the Principal of the College in which he/she/transgender studied last.

A student admitted to a College, shall not ordinarily be allowed to take transfer to any other College, except at the end of a semester. If an application for transfer is made at any time, other than at the end of an Semester, on the ground of

  • Transfer of the parent or guardian of the student from the station at which the College is situated, or
  • Reasoned need for a change on the ground of health supported by proper medical evidence, or any other sufficient reason, the Principal may grant the transfer. 

Admission on Transfer should abide by the following stipulations

  • A candidate taking transfer from one College to another is required to pursue the same course of study with identical subject combination in both the colleges:
  • Admission on transfer must not violate the approved intake of the course concerned of the College granting admission. Only in cases of wards of Government employees who have been transferred, a relaxation of intake may be granted with the permission of the Vice-Chancellor:
  • Cases of admission on transfer must be intimated in writing to the University authority by the College admitting such candidates within a fortnight of such admission without which such admission on transfer will not be recognized:
  • All other steps and procedures related to transfer will be in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinances.