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Part-2 B.COM. Honours & General (Pass Course) Paper wise Links


Compulsory Papers for ALL

B.Com.Part-2 ENGC : Compulsory English https://forms.gle/ZoGUgJhk7S3eBBcH6


Honours Papers

B.Com.(Accounting Honours) Part-2 2H1 : Corporate Accounting https://forms.gle/TrWFZq3Cqc5RiLS37


B.Com.(Accounting Honours) Part-2 2H2 : Cost Accounting https://forms.gle/GCg4hceBkwtRNUq7A


Group-A & B (Pass Course Papers)

B.Com.Part-2 2G1 : Secretarial Practice https://forms.gle/k6upcmmdB2tGvjUYA


B.Com.Part-2 2G2 : Money and Financial System-II https://forms.gle/LYmUSqMW2Za4uk2n9


B.Com.Part-2 2G3 : Economic Problems https://forms.gle/o7n4dZfDSqEDmuPR9


B.Com.Part-2 2G4 : Company Law https://forms.gle/tw328phQnhPJftWw8


B.Com.Part-2 2G5 : Application of Information Technology in Business https://forms.gle/kzs33vegGfCgep9i9


B.Com.Part-2 2G6 : Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship https://forms.gle/jQrT4STQuYh8DWRp6

Thursday, 29th July 2021